Good to see you here, and thanks for visiting!

I grew up with computers in the 90s and while their potential never outgrew my curiosity, it was not until much later that I was able to afford my first personal one.
Still, my parents’ strict rule limited my screen time severely (for better or worse), but instead of learning discipline it motivated me to think outside the box and look for loopholes everywhere.

Now that this is long past I am grateful for the skills this set me up with, as solving unusual and oftentimes complex problems has become my career choice.

I’m mostly self-taught but decided to catch up on formal education, so that I am finally close to finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Informatics after working in the field for over 10 years already.

I work as a Software Engineer from Germany, currently overcoming infrastructural challenges as a DevOps/Cloud Infrastructure Engineer.
Additionally I enjoy helping Start-ups that are too small for a full time hire in DevOps to get to production fast, safely, and without worries, so if this sounds like you and you are looking someone that cares, feel free to reach out.

My free time is filled with tinkering, be it electronics, alternative input devices, woodworking, ohr hacking on the latest tech in containerization and linux networking.

I sporadically help out here and there in various places on the internet, and plan to aggregate some of that here, polished and readable, as time goes by.